Live survey post 2

What poem do you know?

'Vitae Lampada' by Henry Newbolt

Your thoughts and feelings?

It conjured up a weird feeling that made me feel connected to the young men who fought in the war. It made them human for me.

Seeing all the responses start to come in last week was quite an emotional moment for me. Partly it was sheer relief: the realisation that it’s actually worked; we’re going to have some data worth the analysis. Partly it was seeing the thought, care and enthusiasm that so many people had put in to their responses. I’ve started to put some up (anonymised) snippets, hoping that, like the audio they might act as a spur to reflection.

And today was another milestone – the arrival of our first ‘print-and-post survey’. If you know anyone who doesn’t have access to the Internet who’d be interested in participating, and can print one off for them, we'd be most grateful!

Debbie Pullinger