Learn-a-poem survey

We want to find out about the process and experience of learning a poem. If you’ve learned a poem in the last four weeks, perhaps as part of the National Poetry Day Learn-a-poem challenge, we would very much like to hear about it.

We just ask that you:

  • are aged eighteen years or over
  • are resident in the UK
  • have at least one poem that you know by heart

The time required to complete this survey depends on how long you spend telling us about your poem – and you can spend as much or as little time as you like. As a rough guide, the average time spent on the whole survey is 20 minutes.



What poem shall I learn?

If you haven’t learned any poetry, you might like to give it a try and then come back and tell us about it. If you’re looking for ideas about a poem to learn, there are many resources on the web.

This is the anthology of poems used for recitation in the Poetry by Heart competition. The poems are displayed on a timeline, and there are notes on the poet and the background and poet for each one.

On the Poetry Archive  website you can find hundreds of recordings of poets reading their own work. The text of each poem is also supplied. You can browse the poems by poet, form or theme.

Forward Arts offer a collection of poems that have featured in the annual Forward Anthology – the best new poetry published that year. You can browse the poems alphabetically or by theme. The first few lines of each poem are shown in the list – be sure to click on the title to see the complete poem!